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Lamp House Music is open, all Music Lessons are on and all services available up to, and Including, Saturday 18 December.

Deadline for Merchandise Orders (this is for larger items such as Hoodies) must be placed by Saturday 4 December at latest please. (Scarves, hats, music bags, mugs etc will still be available to buy over the counter right up to the holidays).

Sunday 19 December to Sunday 2 January – we are closed for the Christmas holidays.

Monday 3 January to Friday 7 January – we will have a limited admin service only.  Should you wish to speak to someone, or pop into The Lamp House to buy something during this particular week, please do so Monday & Wednesday 10.30am-1pm & 2-5pm, or Friday 9am-2pm.

Monday 10 January 2022 – our new term of Music Lessons starts from 10 January, all lessons and normal opening hours resume, and full staffing return.