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Drum Lessons


Children’s Drum Lessons


Children can enjoy a fresh and contemporary approach to learning the drums with one to one drum tuition at Lamp House Music.

We recommend an minimum age of 8, and encourage all abilities to take part.  (Some of our tutors will teach younger children, if really keen!)

Beginners can expect to gain a good grounding in the basics of rhythm, learning drum beats and patterns that will develop technical skills and general good musicianship.  Various types of music will be explored.

For more advanced pupils,  exploring the music of their favourite drummers is supported, plus tutors help to inspire and develop their musical knowledge and technical range.

One to one drum lessons ensure that every pupil makes the best possible progress each week, with undivided attention from one of Lamp House Music’s drum tutors – all enthusiastic and experienced drummers.

Drum lessons will be on a full, professional drum-kit and we encourage practice at home on a drum-pad in the first instance.

Age 8+



Adult Drum Lessons


Adult drum lessons are available throughout the week, please contact us with your availability and we will organise these for you.  Lessons will be tailored to your own personal aims and to the music you want to play.



For more information, or to book, please complete our online Music Lessons Registration Form or contact us.