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Ukulele Lessons


Evening Ukulele Group Classes – for Adults & Young People


Ukulele at Lamp House Music has proved very popular – and it’s easy to see why!  This fun and sociable class is for all ages and currently run on Tuesdays with our enthusiastic and experienced teacher Andrew Brown.

Our ukulele classes are small groups of up to 8 people, with a wide range of ages and abilities in attendance!

Each week students will learn and develop different tunes (more confident members can sing) and this will enhance skills in teamwork and solo performance.  Pupils participate in the choice of material to learn each term and there will be opportunity for pupils to try percussion to enhance the sound.

Perfect to learn as an instrument in it’s own right or as a stepping stone to other musical ambitions, this fun, informal class will be the highlight of your week!




6.30-7.15pm Ukulele 1 – for adults and young people with some experience of playing ukulele.

7.15-8.00pm Ukulele – Beginners   NEW pupils welcome – from Tuesday 24 October 2017

Commencing Tuesday 24th October 2017 – come along and join in the fun, for complete beginners, adult and young people, ages 12-112!  (Register here)

Throughout this term you will learn numerous chords on your ukulele, so that by the end of term, you’ll be able to play at least 4 songs! Come to the first class with suggestions of a song that you would like to learn, Andrew will tailor the lessons to the tastes of the class and teach pupils’ requests throughout.

£12 per lesson.

You are welcome to come along and pay for one lesson to see if you enjoy it (we are sure you will!), after which we ask that you commit to the term.  Full information will be sent upon enquiry.


What others are saying:

“The weekly ukelele group classes are great, not only do they keep you motivated to continue practicing and learning but they’re really enjoyable too!   Without them to keep me progressing, my ukelele probably would have ended up in the garage covered in dust next to the guitar and harmonica that I gave up on!”  Alastair Bryce.

“It’s lots of fun, there’s a delightful mix of ages and stages and all the staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating!”  Gill Highet.



Ukulele Group Classes – for children


Ukulele is a great first instrument, just four strings, small and manageable.  Ukulele is now commonly used in schools (including across East Lothian!) as an introduction to playing music.  These classes are ideal for beginners and are the perfect stepping stone for children who have expressed an interest in learning a stringed instrument.

These classes are a fun introduction to the ukulele just for children.

30/45 minutes (depending on age of child).   £10/12 per week.




3.30-4.00pm Ukulele Kids 1 -specifically for younger children, ages 5-7 years old.  £10 per week.

4.30-5.00pm Ukulele Kids 2 – specifically for younger children, ages 5-7 years old.  £10 per week.

5.00-5.30pm Ukulele Kids 3 – for children ages 7+ years.  £10 per week.


For more information or to book your place, please call 01620 825630

or complete the online Music Lesson Enquiries & Registration Form.