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Although Lamp House Music – the building – is closed due to Lockdown, we are delighted to be teaching all of our Music Lessons online, by either Skype or Zoom.

We very much enjoy still seeing our pupils every week, and keeping the musical fun and progress going despite all that is going on in the world.  Feedback from pupils and parents about our online lessons has been hugely positive and we are so pleased to be able to elevate mood and nurture progress, albeit through a different format!

We are still welcoming new pupils at this time – currently, any new pupils will of course need to start their lessons online, but when the time comes, will be given the option to take their lessons face to face when we are allowed to teach in-person again, or remain online if that is their preferred learning method.

If you are someone that really wants to hang off until face to face teaching resumes, then please feel free to complete the Sign-Up Form and let us know.  We can pop you on the Waiting List until such time as we can offer you in-person lessons.

Although we do not put frequent updates on our website about the current restrictions, all pupils and parents are kept well-informed of any changes affecting them or their child, and we are in a great position to transition our timetable from in-person to online and back again, at any time!