Evening Ukulele Group Classes

Adults & Young People

Ukulele at Lamp House Music has proved very popular – and it’s easy to see why!  These fun and sociable classes currently run on Tuesday evenings, taught by an enthusiastic and experienced Lamp House Music tutor.

Our ukulele classes are small groups of up to 6 people, with a wide range of ages and abilities, it’s never too late to learn to play an instrument.

Each week students will learn different songs featuring a range of chords, enhancing picking and strumming skills and technique.  Pupils participate in the choice of material to learn each term and for those who like to sing, we encourage you to join in!

Ukuleles are available to use during class if you do not yet have your own (but we promise – you’ll be hooked!)

Ukulele is perfect to learn as an instrument in it’s own right or to use as a stepping stone to other musical ambitions.  This fun, informal class will be the highlight of your week!

45 minutes.   £16.50 per week, payable in terms (approximately 8 weeks per term).

This will be an in-person class.  We will keep you safe.  




 Tuesdays, from 26 April 2022 – Beginner Class 


8.05-8.50pm  Adults Ukulele – Beginners – Sign up now! 


Learn to play the Ukulele! – Come along and join in the fun, for complete beginners, adults and young people, within just a few lessons you’ll be strumming the chords to some well-known songs!



Tuesdays – Post-Beginners


7.15-8.00pm  Adults – Ukulele Post-Beginners – NEW pupils welcome! 


For adults and young people with some experience of playing ukulele.




Ukulele Group Classes


Ukulele is a great first instrument, just four strings, small and manageable.  Ukulele is now commonly used in schools (including across East Lothian!) as an introduction to playing music.  These classes are ideal for beginners, a fabulous introduction to music-making and the perfect stepping stone for children, and especially for those who have expressed an interest in learning a stringed instrument.

These classes are a fun introduction to the ukulele just for children.  Best suited for 5-8 year olds.  

30 minutes.   £14 per week, payable in terms (approximately 8 weeks per term).


2.40-3.10pm  ‘Ukulele Kids! Beginners’ – Sign up now!


For ages 8+ please see our Guitar page.

Call 01620 825630 for more information or use the sign-up form!


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