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  • Please note that at least one band member should live in East Lothian or Midlothian.
    If you, or any of the band members are under 18, we will require completion of a Parental Consent Form, which will be issued with project place offers and must be completed to secure project places.
  • Band website:
  • Youtube:
  • Facebook:
  • Soundcloud:
  • Please list any other internet links here:
  • Label:
  • Manager:
  • Publisher:
  • Please tell us the NAMES of each member of the band. We also want to know their AGES, and what INSTRUMENTS they play.
  • How long has your band been together?
  • Who writes the music in the band?
  • Who writes the lyrics in the band?
  • Rehearsals - how often do you practice, where do you practice and how long is a typical rehearsal session?
  • Live Performance - please detail any live performances/tours you may have had.
  • Do you have any live performances organised in the near future?
  • Influences - give us an idea of who or what are you/your band's musical influences are:
  • Your sound - in a few words tell us who/what you sound like.
  • Previous recordings - if you've recorded before, tell us about it here...
  • The future - in a few words tell us what your ambitions are for your band / you as a solo artist, in the next 18 months and then longterm.
  • And finally - tell us what the opportunity to participate in 'One Step Beyond 2018' would mean to you / your band? And what would you hope to gain from the experience?
  • Please let us know if you have a preferred week for attendance of your three/four days. If in a band, all band members will be required to attend. If you can do either week, please select both weeks. Please note that times for each day are to be confirmed - some days may be half-days, at most will be 9.30am-5pm. The Live Showcase, will run approx. 10am-4pm and attendance for the full day is required. IF there is any date you/your band can not do from your week(s) selected, let us know in the next question and we will try to organise dates around your requirements.
  • If there are any particular dates that you / your band can not attend, please list them here. Or if there is anything you need to let us know about attendance, please do so now. We will try to organise a program for you to work around any other commitments. Attendance at the Live Showcase on a Friday in August though is compulsory (date to be confirmed - we are waiting to hear back from our venue).
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  • Please tell us how you first found out about 'One Step Beyond 2018':
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