Live online Music Lessons taught to you directly in your home!

Need to self-isolate or

socially distance?


No problem… we can deliver your music lessons to you live, directly in your home.

It’s easy to set up and means you can enjoy lessons with a Lamp House Music tutor without even having to leave the house.  Learn, have fun and make the most of the down-time.

All you need is a:

  1. Free Skype account  >> Get a free Skype account account here <<
  2. Internet or 3G connection
  3. A computer or mobile device.


All of our Music Lessons are currently being taught online.

We are providing lessons for our current pupils, but also welcome new pupils of all ages and abilities – children and adults.

Please look at our Music Lessons page to find out the instruments available and then send us your enquiry or intention book via the Music Lesson Enquiry & Registration Form.

We can offer new pupils, one to one lessons only.  We can not place new pupils into groups at this time.


“Sara really enjoyed her online guitar lesson and we would love to book in for next week! Thank you Lamp House Music for providing online lessons and keeping some normality in my kid’s life!!”

Pernille, parent to Sara,  age 10

“Dom enjoyed his first online saxophone lesson and I think that this generation of children are far more comfortable using video to communicate than us adults!  Please thank his tutor Dave & we’ll look forward to seeing him again next week.”

Bryony, parent to Dominic, age 12

“Emma thoroughly enjoys her vocal lessons with Lamp House Music.  Emma was initially self-conscious about singing in the house but is now absolutely fine.  She has adapted to online lessons quickly and continues to really enjoy them, just as she did her face to face lessons.”

Morven, parent to Emma, age 16

“Adam and Finlay are really enjoying their online sessions and we’re so happy that they are still managing to get their lessons despite the difficult circumstances. 

I honestly feel it has helped to give them both a sense of purpose just now. They love their lessons anyway – and they seem to have such a lovely connection with their tutors – but their online lessons have been like a wee lifeline to them and helped to keep life ‘normal’ under the current circumstances.”

Leanne, parent to Adam age 14 and Finlay age 11

“Aifric really enjoyed her online guitar lesson this morning and we really appreciate Lamp House Music for her being able to continue to participate in one of her activities.”

Fiona, parent to Aifric, age 9

“William enjoyed his Skype guitar lesson, he found it very manageable indeed and pretty much on a par with a face-to-face lesson.  

We are delighted that Lamp House Music are providing their music lessons online, they are one of the few activities that are still running.  William is keen to continue online and we definitely want to keep them going, please!”

H Felton, parent to William, age 12

“The online lessons went really well again yesterday.  Rory and Millie certainly enjoy them and it’s great for the children to have some interaction with a person outside the family.  What you have achieved to keep this all running under the difficult and ever changing circumstances is amazing!”

Jane, parent to Rory age 8 & Millie age 7

“Charlie thought his online lesson was great – no problems at all. He is in it for the long term!  Thanks for the good work.”

R Smith, parent to Charlie, age 12

“Katie is happy to be booked in for both online piano and viola lessons with Chris L.  The lessons went well despite her initial reservations of them not being face to face!  Thank you very much to Lamp House Music.

Helen, parent to Katie, age 14

“It’s great to still have my usual lesson every week during lockdown. I don’t find very much difference with the online lesson other than my surroundings. It helps keep me busy and it’s something to look forward to each week !”

Emma, pupil


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