Do you play an instrument?

Want to play in a band?

Age 10 to 16 years?

Bandjam is a Lamp House Music youth project  for 10 to 16 year olds who have some experience of playing an instrument and feel keen and ready to be a part of a band.  Now in it’s third year, Bandjam has proved hugely popular and a fantastic experience for all involved.  It brings together like-minded young musicians and provides them with professional guidance and rehearsal facilities to support their development as a band.

Overseen by young music professionals, each group will select songs to cover, learn the music and rehearse together as a band. There will also be opportunities to write original songs and perhaps even record – each band is different and therefore the outcomes can be unpredictable but are always hugely exciting and inspiring!  Some of our Bandjam bands have gone on to perform at gigs and concerts in front of hundreds of people!

All participants will enjoy the creative process that comes with being a musician and experience the team-work necessary as a band member.   As with everything at Lamp House Music, the aim is have a great time with music but Bandjam also encourages creativity, confidence and friendship and supports young people on their musical journey.

Bandjam takes place weekly over the course of a term.  The sessions currently run on Wednesdays at 5.30-6.45pm and on Fridays at 6.00-7.15pm and 7.15-8.30pm.

Attendance costs £12 per session, which can be paid in a block or weekly, but all weeks in a term must be paid for.   We ask that all participants make a commitment to coming every week to enable the whole band to progress together to it’s full potential.

Anyone interested is advised to submit their details as soon as possible.  To note your interest we will need some simple details from you, please  either apply online or  contact us to request a ‘Bandjam Form’ be sent to you via email, alternatively pick up a paper version from Lamp House Music.  We will ask a bit about you, the instrument you play, your music tastes etc.

Due to the nature of the project, an even mix of band members is required. We will therefore take details of all those interested, including age and instrument, then form bands or add members using this information. We will always do our utmost to align ages and personalities appropriately.


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