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At Lamp House Music we have a stock of very useful musical accessories – ideal for musicians or music pupils who need to replace strings, reeds etc.

Save yourself a trip in to the city for your musical spares, all items below can be bought over the counter in Lamp House Music.

Please do call in advance of your trip to check our daily opening hours 01620 825630.

We’re on your doorstep and happy to help!


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Vouchers can be of any value, from £10 upwards, with six months in which to use them.  We can post vouchers out to you if it’s more convenient.

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 482732Rico Reeds – Royal Bb Clarinet Reeds – strengths 2 and 2.5 (Packs of 3) – £9.50

The Rico Royal Bb Clarinet Reeds 2 are for the advancing player.  French filed to add clarity to the tone and made from premium grade cane for consistent response and playability, these reeds work well for both classical and jazz applications.  Available in Strengths 2 and 2.5, packs of 3.





107240Rico Reeds – Royal Alto Saxophone Reeds – strengths 3 and 1.5 (Packs of 3) – £9.50

The Rico Royal Alto Saxophone Reeds 3 are for the advancing player.  French filed to add clarity to the tone and make soft attacks easier.  Working well for both classical and jazz applications, these premium grade cane ensure consistent response and playability whilst a thinner vamp cut design eases play.  Available in strengths 3 and 1.5






Hindersine Violin Rosin V3 – £5

A high quality, dark Violin rosin suppied in a cloth and protective metal tin. Suitable for all players; medium size.

In 1876, Dr. Hider – a Swiss chemist and violinist working in London – became frustrated with the lack of decent rosins available. Combining his knowledge of chemistry and music, he decided to develop his own. So Hidersine Rosin was born. On the Shropshire/Welsh Borders, the Hidersine Company still manufacture the full range of Hidersine Rosin to the same exacting standards and specific recipe Dr. Hider specified over 130 years ago.  Hidersine violin rosin 3V, amber, cloth mounted in protective metal case.

Hindersine Cello Rosin C3 – £5

A high quality, dark cello rosin suppied in a cloth and protective metal tin.


We will soon also be stocking violin strings!




Tiger Chromatic Tuner (for guitar, bass, violin & ukulele) – £10

Highly accurate, easy to use and useful to guitarists of all levels, this clip-on tuner is one of smallest on markets.  Extremely versatile with four instrument settings (guitar, bass, violin and ukulele) plus standard chromatic setting usable on most other instruments.  Digital screen, usable in noisy environments.







Chord Maple 7A Drumsticks – £6 a pairimgres-1

Perfect for children learning to play – these drumsticks are made from maple wood, tipped with nylon, thus are light and small but durable.  Or for the more experienced drummer – great for light pop and jazz.


Vic Firth Nova 5A Drumsticks – £12 a pairSmall Drumsticks

A quality brand at an affordable price.  Made from hickory, in the same highly durable wood as all other Vic Firth sticks, each pair is weight-sorted and tone-paired using Vic Firth technology.  In other words – mighty fine sticks at a great price!

5As particularly suited to those playing pop styles through to the lighter genres of rock-pop or indie.


Vic Firth Nova 7A Drumsticks – £12 a pair

Also hickory but a denser stick, with a little flex, for a more pronounced sound in Vic Firth’s highly durable tradition and style.  Wood tipped.  Ideal for lighter musical styles, such as jazz.


Vic Firth Nova 2B Drumsticks – £12 a pair

For those playing the heaviest style of music – ideal for metal and rock – these super thick 2Bs have plenty of power and durability, and medium taper for a great balance.



imagesEarplugs – £1 a pair

Essential for musicians young and old, particularly drummers and anyone playing in a band.






Acoustic Guitar Strings:


 Ernie ball lightErnie Ball Earthwood Light 80/20  – £9

Phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings, Earthwood 80/20’s are made from 80% copper, and 20% zinc wire wrapped around hex shaped tin plated steel core wire.  The most popular acoustic guitar strings from Ernie Ball provide a crisp, ringing sound with pleasing overtones.

E 11, B 15, G 22, D 30, A 42, E52





D’Addario EJ15 10-47 Extra Light – £9

D’Addario Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar strings are acclaimed worldwide for their great, long-lasting tone. Phosphor Bronze was introduced to string making by D’Addario in 1974 and has become synonymous with warm acoustic tone.     

E 10, B 14,  G 23, D 30, A 39, E 47



D’Addario EJ16 12-53 Light – £9

D’Addario Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar strings are acclaimed worldwide for their great, long-lasting tone. Phosphor Bronze was introduced to string making by D’Addario in 1974 and has become synonymous with warm acoustic tone.

E .012, B .016, G .024, D .032,  A .042, E .053




Daddario EJ26

D’Addario EJ26 11-52 Cust Light – £9

Acclaimed worldwide for their great, long-lasting tone. Phosphor Bronze was introduced to string making by D’Addario in 1974 and has become synonymous with warm acoustic tone.

E .011, B.015, G.022, D.032, A.042, E.052




martin-m175-80-20-bronze-acoustic-guitar-strings-custom-light-11-52-375-p[ekm]236x236[ekm]Martin & C0 M175 Custom Light Acoustic 11-52 – £7

The creation of these high performance strings is a result of research done in co-operation with specialty steel producers. Due to the development of an industry leading ultra-high quality steel core, Martin SP strings resist breakage better than average strings. In addition, both the core wires and the plain strings are plated with a smooth, acoustic bronze finish. The golden bronze finish enhances the beauty of your guitar, but its purpose is much more functional – to prolong brightness and string life.

E 11, B 15, G 23, D 32, A 42, E 52




martin-m140-80-20-bronze-acoustic-guitar-strings-light-12-54-377-p[ekm]236x236[ekm]Martin & Co M140 Light Acoustic 12-54 – £7

An 80/20 composition for brilliance, clarity, and longevity of sound. Strings deliver deep, rich basses and clear, bright trebles. The Martin M-140 acoustic pack has high-quality strings for daily use. Core and wrap wires meet strict requirements to make the grade. Bronze alloy for brilliance and long life.

E 12, B 16, G 25, D 32, A 42, E 54




Daddario Nickel Bronze

D’Addario NB1152 11-52 Nickel Bronze – £12 

Premium uncoated acoustic string set that provides a crisp and clear sound to accentuate the unique tone of your guitar.  Delivers the ideal balance of volume, projection and comfortable playability. Nickel Bronze strings are the premium uncoated acoustic strings by D’Addario, with unrivalled clarity, resonance and projection, as well as outstanding balance and harmonically rich overtones.

String Gauges: Plain Steel .011, .015, Nickel Bronze Wound .022, .032, .042, .052




Electric Guitar Strings:



  Ernie Ball ‘Regular Slinky’ (10-46) – £9 

Ernie Ball is the pioneer of Rock and Roll guitar strings. Since setting the industry standard for electric strings, the list of Slinky users has grown to include the likes of Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai and Slash.

Wound strings are made from nickel plated steel wire wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire, producing well balanced all around good sound. Plain strings are made of specially tempered tin plated high carbon steel. Made from stainless steel wire wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire. These guitar strings provide brighter sound and extra string life.

E 10, B 13, G 17, D 26, A 36, E 46



Ernie Ball super slinky

Ernie Ball ‘Super Slinky’ (9-42) – £9

Precision manufactured to the highest standards and most exacting specs to assure consistency, optimum performance, and long life. Made from nickel plated steel wire wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire.

E 9, B 1,1 G 16, D 24, A 32, E 42




027246D’Addario EXL120 (9-42) – £9

Precision wound with nickelplated steel onto a high carbon steel core, onto a carefully drawn, hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel core.  The result – strings with long lasting, distinctive bright one and excellent intonation, ideal for a wide variety of musical styles.  Super light gauges for maximum flexibility and biting tone.

String Gauges: Plain Steel .009, .011, .016, Nickel Wound .024, .032, .042




Daddarrio EXL 115

D’Addario EXL 115 11-49 – £9

Balanced Tension sets allow for evenly balanced bending, strumming, fretting, picking, and plucking. Comprised of mathematically optimised string gauge combinations, resulting in greater control and playing comfort.

XL Nickel Wound, D’Addario’s most popular electric guitar strings, are precision wound with nickel plated steel onto a carefully drawn, hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel core. The result, strings with long lasting, distinctive bright tone and excellent intonation, is ideal for the widest variety of guitars and musical styles.

String Gauges: Plain Steel .011, .015, .019, Nickel Wound .028, .037, .050




D’Addario EXL 116 11-52 – £9

EXL116 is a hybrid set with an .011 on top and a .052 on the bottom, giving the strings moderate flexibility on the high strings with booming, tight low end. Optimized for down tuning.

String Gauges: Plain Steel .011, .014, .018, Nickel Wound .030, .042, .052




images-1Electric Guitar Strings – Ernie Ball Custom Gauge – various Gauges – £2 per string

Made from nickel plated steel wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire.  Produces well balanced all around good sound.






Bass Strings:


Don't Stock 1

D’Addario EXL 160 XL Nickel Wound (Bass) – £28

World-renowned as “The Player’s Choice” amongst bass players of all genres and styles. All XL strings are precision wound on exclusive computer-controlled machines, ensuring each string has excellent intonation, clear fundamentals, and unparalleled consistency. The nickel plated steel wrap wire is known for it’s distinctive bright tone and excellent intonation and delivers a universally appealing tone for all playing styles.





Ukulele Strings: 



D’Addario Ukulele Strings EJ88S Natural Nylon – £9 per 4-string pack

D’Addario EJ88S Soprano Ukulele sets are designed for use with all soprano ukuleles. Each string within this set is made from D’Addario’s exclusive Nyltech material and optimized for GCEA tuning, delivering an optimal combination of warm, yet punchy tone, comfortable playability, precise intonation and tuning stability not found in other ukulele strings.

String Gauges: Nyltech .024, .030, .036, .026




Guitar & Bass Accessories:



Chord SQC1-BK Black Acoustic/Electric Squeeze Capo – £12

A quick release capo for acoustic or electric guitar.  Squeezing the two levers together release grip on the guitar neck, allowing easy removal or replacement and quick position change.




10ftcableresizedFender Instrument Cable 10ft – £16

Fender’s Instrument Performance Cable Range represent great value for money.

The ultimate live performance guitar lead (but perfect for home practice too), engineered to avoid twisting, kinking and from having any ‘physical memory’- ultimately delivering the best sonic balance between your performance and your equipment.  Guaranteed by Fender for life.

Fender Instrument Cable 15ft – £18


As above.

Extra thick, 8″ in diameter, in a black PVC jacket to reduce handling noise.  Extremely pliable to eliminate kinking, with commercial-grade jack connectors with 90% copper coverage shield.



Tiger guitar strap

Tiger Nylon Guitar Strap with Pick Holders – £7

Manufactured with thick, strong nylon, these striking red straps will be long-lasting and durable. Constructed with leather style ends you can rest assured that these straps will not mark your guitar.  These straps are fitted with 3 plectrum holders which can store your guitar picks so you don’t have to worry about misplacing them during a performance.

Suitable for children and adults with its adjustable length, it also comes with a shoelace so you can use it with acoustic, classical, electric or bass guitars.  Minimum length 92cm, Maximum length 151cm.



506974Jim Dunlop – Guitar Picks – 50p each 

Offering maximum memory and minimum wear, Jim Dunlop picks designed with longevity in mind.  Various gauges available.




IMG_4076Lamp House Music – Guitar Plectrums – £1 each

Just when you thought you couldn’t look any cooler… now you can play guitar / bass/ ukulele with these awesome picks featuring the original Lamp House Music logo!

Available in Blood Red with silver ink logo (gauge .71) and Black with silver ink logo (gauge 1).




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