Lamp House Music, based in Haddington, today released details of its hotly anticipated ‘Summer School 2012’


Two week long programmes are available – weeks beginning Monday 16th July and Monday 6th August.


The Summer Schools, which have ten places each week, offer children the opportunity to spend a fun week in Lamp House Music, immersed in music, with a team of fully qualified, professional music tutors.




Each week the ten children will form two bands, each band will be given their own rehearsal studio and together they will write, rehearse, record and produce a song.


Over the course of the week the youngsters will work with experienced, professional musicians who will deliver a daily Master Class in an instrument or specific musical skill (eg guitar, drums, song-writing and production).  The musicians will then spend time with each band developing and improving their song and technique.


At the end of the week the bands will perform their track and record it with the help of another professional, learning the art of production and technology to enhance their sound.  This in turn will be recorded on to CD for each participant to take home.


Spokesperson Callum Maguire said,

“We are very excited about our Summer Schools, it’s unlike anything that’s been on offer in East Lothian before.  This is an amazing opportunity for kids to work with young, funky, local musicians in an environment that oozes with inspiration and creativity.  Any one who has dreamed of being in a band will love it.


The summer holidays can feel endless for keeping kids occupied and a logistical nightmare for working parents trying to organise childcare, but Lamp House Music’s Summer Schools offers something exciting and original that should keep both parties very happy.  In fact, I think the parents will be rather jealous!”


Lamp House Music’s Summer Schools are available to children age 10+ and will run Monday to Friday, 10am-3pm each day.  A deposit of £30 must be paid to secure a space, cost of the full week is £100.

More information can be found on their website or for booking and enquiries / 01620 825630