Lamp House Music, Haddington, have just announced their New Year Term of Music Lessons. Vocal Lessons as well as the fun and fashionable ukulele have been added to their already popular classes in guitar, drums, keyboard and piano.

The tutor for the Ukulele classes – for which there is both a children’s and adult’s class – is Fraser Fulton. Fraser, who comes from North Berwick, is a young but renowned musician having set up the immensely popular North Berwick High School Ukulele Orchestra with Carl Roderick (Head of Computing) in 2010. The group, made up of both boys and girls and boasting 30+ members, has been going strong ever since.

Fraser hopes to bring the same success to Lamp House Music. Each week pupils will learn and develop different tunes – the ukulele promises quick results and is instantly gratifying, it can be a great first instrument and is a fantastic confidence booster. The class will encourage teamwork, and for more confident members solo performance and singing. The group will select the music they want to learn – choosing their own material with Fraser’s help and guidance. There will also be the opportunity to try out various percussion instruments to enhance the overall sound of the group.

Fraser Fulton has been playing ukulele, guitar and a variety of other instruments for over 9 years. He has an HNC in Acting and Performance but has spent the last couple of years teaching music to children and adults. He also founded the ska band Victorian Trout Conspiracy who play regular gigs across the country.

Lamp House Music are very much looking forward to the Ukulele classes, spokesperson Roz Maguire said,  “Ukulele is immensely popular, it’s had a huge revival and understandably so – it’s simple, portable and brings quick results, it’s very cool to play the ukulele just now. Ukulele orchestras have an enormous amount of fun, they are full of energy and bubble over with enthusiasm – that’s what we’re all about at Lamp House Music.”

Ukulele lessons are at Lamp House Music on Tuesday evenings, 6-7pm for Children & Teens (from age 8+) and 7-8pm for Adults. Vocal Lessons are Tuesday evenings, 7-8pm for both Teens & Adults. Lessons are £10 per hour.

Ukulele and Vocal Classes commence Tuesday 15th January 2013.