Bandjam – First night!

Our brand new project for young people, Bandjam, got underway last night!

Following on from the success of our Music Schools we wanted to offer sessions for young musicians who had some experience of playing an instrument and wanted to be in a band.  As an adult putting together a band can be quite straight forward but as a young person it can be a bit more tricky knowing where to start – so we did that part!  We have two bands who will be working together over six weekly sessions, initially on some cover versions with the hope that we might even try writing something original a bit further down the line.

It’s going to be exciting and fun, and the first session last night went incredibly well.

This first session was only open to pupils of previous Music Schools and current or previous pupils of Lamp House Music’s lessons, but we hope to making Bandjam available to anyone else too.  If you or someone you know is interested, get in touch and we can keep you posted!