Music Theory

For Children aged 3-8

These lessons are the ideal way for younger children, (from 3 – 8 years old) to get prepared to start an instrument in the near future.

The format of the lessons are as a group session – there will be lots of clapping/rhythmical games to learn the elements of rhythmic structures. There will also be lots of singing to establish melodic shapes and patterns used in most songs and pieces.

Children are encouraged to develop independence by learning canons – where they keep their own line of music going with others playing different voices at the same time! The piano as an instrument will feature in the lessons too as this is a very suitable instrument to make a nice sound on for beginners in particular. This can serve as a good basis to discover other instruments further down the line.

We also make introductions to various instruments after some time in order to encourage children and to help parents to make the right choice when it comes to starting instrumental lessons.

Lessons are 30 minutes if there are two participants and 45 minutes for 3 or more pupils. Lessons are £17.50 and are payable in advance of each half term. These lessons are the ideal way to establish the beginnings of a musical journey!